Arseniy Klishin

My name is Arseniy Klishin, I am an Interactive Media designer. I am a garduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University, faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. I was going to become a game designer since the age of 8, and now I finally am making this dream come true. I believe Interactive Media is art. This is NOT about killing monsters, space marines and aliens. This is NOT about raising your level in order to buy more powerful armor. This is NOT even about having fun with your friends online by finishing pointless fantasy quests. For me Interactive Media is a new form of passing your thoughts and emotions to a person. It is about telling the story, it is about sharing your feelings with a player. Not only it has visual, audio, text component, it has interactivity. This tool is very difficult to handle, but in the right hands, it may become extremely powerful. In fact, I would argue with a

Current Project: Prisoners Cinema

Role: Producer, Sound Designer

Internship: Sifteo


Past Projects

  • Prisoners Cinema

  • Kotodama Fruit Juice (Stories that Listen)

  • Impact!

Educational History

Mathematician/System Programmer Moscow State University

Work History

Spring 2014 Prisoner's Cinema Producer, Co-Designer, Sound Designer Fall 2013 Kotodama Fruit Juice (Stories that Listen) Producer, Sound Designer Summer 2013 Sifteo Production and QA Intern Spring 2013 Impact! Producer, Sound Designer, Co-Writer