Alex Kowalski

Alex has long aspired to be a part of the entertainment industry. His interests include animation and film, video game design, and working with new media of all sorts from website development to software applications for educational and commercial purposes. He finds the technical and artistic sides of these fields equally fascinating and can devote hours to searching for a technical solution to a problem or perfecting the smallest detail of a website or animation, becoming fully absorbed in the task. The best part is that it seems no more like work to him than getting lost in a video game. Having a job that he enjoys within an industry for which he has great respect and appreciation is his primary career goal and he sees his enrollment in the MET program as an important next step toward realizing this goal. He is excited to be a member of the ETC community, where he hopes to further develop both his technical and artistic expertise. He also expects his participation in the program to help him focus his broad interests and more fully discover his own creative voice as he searches for where he might best fit within this exciting field.

Educational History

Information Systems, Minor: Art Carnegie Mellon