Ashutosh Mimani

Ashutosh fell in love with computer games when he first played PacMan and Karateka when he was 9 years old. He grew up experiencing the evolution of the gaming industry on his Atari and PC. After completing his graduate studies in Computer Sciences at PSG College of Technology, he worked at a software consultancy firm in India for 2 years. During this period he also spent time exploring the DirectX and OpenGL programming libraries. He then decided that it was the time for him to jump the wall and work towards his dream of developing games. He thus pursues his masters degree course at the Entertainment Technology Center.

Ashutosh has always been interested in the field of computer graphics. His enthusiasm in games and his avid interest in Artificial Intelligence propels him towards envisioning a more captivating and challenging gaming experience where bots in First Person Shooter games learn from the movement and shooting patterns of the player and continually try to counter it, enemies in Strategy games don't always fall for the same trap and Racing games note the weakness of the racers and try to push them towards making mistakes. He is interested in making these experiences look real both in visuals and in interactions.

Educational History

B.E. Computer Science and Engg PSG Collene of Technology, Coimbatore, India