Andrew Hosmer

Andy grew up surrounded by cows in a colonial town in Maryland. He then moved to "the big city lights of Pittsburgh" after high school to pursue the entertainment industry at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. While there he focused his attention on special effects; sculpting, mold making, creature/character design, and animatronics.

After obtaining his Associate degree at AIP, he worked closely with Henderson Design and Productions assisting in the production of their breakout video series: The Creation Adventure Team. "They hired me to help build the robotic dinosaur-Proto, and then they asked to help write the scripts... and then play the character of Ivan Idea! I couldn't believe it!" His experience on that series solidified his desire to remain in the entertainment industry.

Andy is focused on all the tools of the trade and has recently been turned onto 3D modeling. He says the possibilities are endless and hopes that in the future, education might be a career choice. "I've gotta give something back!"

Andy and his beautiful wife Jessica are excited to see the possible ministry opportunities within the field as well.

Educational History

BS Industrial Design, 2003 Art Institute of Pittsburgh