Anmol Nagpal

Anmol has been playing video games since he was 7 years old. This passion for games led him to programming and he eventually did his undergraduate in Computer Science. Love for games combined with the intellectual challenge of designing them motivates and kindles his passion to explore further in this field. He salutes Randy Pausch who inspired him to apply to THE ETC.

At his time at the ETC he has worked on programming various entertainment experiences, games and applications. He has worked on a social iPhone game for Booyah! and an augmented reality application for General Motors. He also interned as a Game Programmer for Vicarious Visions (Activision).

Apart from programming he is also interested in Game Design.

His goal is to work in the game industry as a programmer to help create games and entertainment experiences that enthrall millions and take entertainment to a new level.

Educational History

Computer Science Thadomal Shahani Engineering College