Anne Kelly

Anne recently completed her degree in Theatre Arts, in anticipation of a career in theatre and other entertainment fields. She has experience in performance, technical theatre, and design. While at Virginia Tech, she developed an interest in visually-based theatre-- performances which emerge from concept and environment instead of script. She also designed theatre experiences where audience members could become immersed in the story through participation in the action and exploration of the physical space. An example of this is her "Daedalus" project, which tells a story about displacement and sacrifice, based on the Greek myth of the "Minotaur" labyrinth, all while the audience physically moves through the scenes.

In addition to her theatre background, Anne spent a year in architecture expanding her perspective of design, and she spent a summer at Walt Disney World (attractions host, Haunted Mansion), learning about guest experience from an operational standpoint.

Upon graduation from the ETC, Anne would like to be part of a team creating cutting-edge theme park attractions, interactive museums, and other immersive environments.

Educational History

BA Theatre Arts Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University