Anne R. Humphreys

Anne R. Humphreys was on the Faculty of the Entertainment Technology Center and the Business Development Coordinator for the Office of Strategic Technology Initiatives. Until April 2006, Anne was responsible for the programmatic leadership and strategy at the Learning Systems Architecture Lab at Carnegie Mellon, where she had been a member of the technical staff since 1996. She was a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, MA in Professional Writing (1994) and MA in Communication Planning and Design (1996). Ms. Humphreys held a series of positions with increasing responsibilities for administrative program management prior to becoming the Co-Director of the Learning Systems Architecture Lab in 2000. At the LSAL, Anne was responsible for directing the lab's programs: planning, designing, and communicating overall program goals and progress to internal and external clients; tracking cost and schedules against technical and content quality; evaluating and selecting appropriate technologies; managing technical risks through early pilot testing and demonstrations; and assisting in the preparation and presentation of proposals for funding.