Ankit Patel

Hi there. I am currently doing Masters of Entertainment Technology at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), Carnegie Mellon University.
I have 4+ years of professional experience in cross platform mobile games and applications development on iOS, Android and Web platforms. I am interested in software engineering positions targeted to mobile applications, games and mobile VR.

At Carnegie Mellon, I prototyped interactive experiences and games every 2-weeks in a team of 4-5 utilising cutting-edge gaming technologies such as Oculus Rift, Microsoft Kinect, Play Station Move, Makey Makey and Cave. I have collaborated with multidisciplinary teams honing communication, organizational and project management skills.
I have worked extensively in Android(Java), iOS(Swift) , Unity(C#), HTML5(Javascript) game frameworks(i.e. Cocos2d-JS, Phaser, EaselJS) for all of my recent projects.

My work in games began with programming in 6502 assembly for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in a highly constrained environment. This was a CMU research project where I worked with a team in India (and an international open source community) to create 4 innovative educational games for underserved children in rural areas. I have learned to contribute in multifunctional teams consisting of designers, co-developers, fellow-researchers and testers.

Since 2012, I've worked as a Lead Game Developer at Playpower. Most of my time at Playpower has been spent creating games for building core math skills that provide a foundation for success in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). I have worked extensively on dozens of games on multiple platforms over 3 years and I have developed phenomenal ability to manage and lead multiple development projects at a time. I don't just believe that fun aids learning—i believe learning is fun.

Current Project: Cozplay

Role: Programmer


Past Projects

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