Aldric Saucier

There are but three goals I wish to achieve in my professional life: Toy designer, Video game designer, and Writer. These are the chosen artistic outlets for my creativity through which I hope to contribute to the world at large the very same inspiration that I gained from the efforts of people before me. As a Toy designer I have successfully licensed a toy line, the seed of which came from my efforts. As a game designer I am learning everyday through experience and have found the industry very stimulating creatively. As a writer I have written a 250,000 word novel and two scripts, none published although I tried, having learned from my mistakes I am writing a second novel. These are the three areas of my life I dedicate my time toward, each is immensely satisfying. I am driven to do these things, to keep trying, to keep creating, because I believe with hard work comes great rewards.

Educational History

BFA Toy Design Fashion Institute of Technology, New York