Bradley Buchanan

Brad has been writing code almost since he could use a keyboard. And one of the first programs he tried to write was a game.

Growing up, Brad continued to expand his skillset, taking a particular interest in web development and advanced scripting. In high school he spent considerable time developing his musical side as a baritone and trumpeter, and was part of a series of musical theater productions. At university, Brad turned back to Computer Science and eventually entered the industry as a web application developer.

But childhood dreams run deep, and that game design instinct was inescapable. When Brad heard about the ETC, he saw a way to finally use his passions (code, music and games) together.

Brad is passionate about creating positive, artful experiences and about the educational value of interactivity. His time at the ETC is allowing him to explore his abilities as a producer and an engineer. He is looking forward to a career in videogames.

Educational History

Computer Science George Fox University