Beth Semler

Beth was born in Pittsburgh, but relocated to rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania as a young child. Growing up, her favorite hobby was building elaborate blanket forts. When it came time to choose a major, she had trouble choosing between the left and right brains, and so she choose to combine art with engineering. She arrived at Carnegie Mellon University with the intent of studying architecture. She learned much in her first two years of college, but grew tired of designing according to building codes. She found herself devoting more time to the theatre where design was based more on story and character. This led to a shift in her studies from architecture to drama, where she focused on scene design and technical direction since she still couldn't pick left or right brain.

In the course of her undergraduate studies, Beth completed a minor in film and digital imaging, which led her to CMU's Entertainment Technology Center. After a taste of working with a team to create interactive worlds she was hooked, and she decided to pursue her graduate studies with the ETC. When she finally leaves academia to join the "real world", she plans to create interactive theatrical experiences for location based entertainment. She hopes to ultimately funcion as both a designer and producer.

Educational History

Drama Carnegie Mellon University