Bryan Cash

Bryan Cash was born in Pusan, South Korea. After that, his family moved through California, Washington, Saudi Arabia, England, Nebraska, and finally Texas. The first video game he ever played was Dragon Warrior 1 for the Nintendo.

With a balanced schedule of Computer Science and Theatre in high school, Bryan hoped to continue this to college. Unfortunately, Rice University did not have a theatre major, although it had a wonderful theatre program. As a coordinator of the Rice Players, Bryan had the opportunity to act, stage manage, construct costumes, and work as the Development Chair on acquiring funding to ensure the theatre program could run perpetually. As a computer scientist, Bryan studied artificial intelligence, in particular work on motion capturing from cartoon animation. His particular interests were in realistic and believable human simulation. Throughout high school and college, Bryan joked that he'd somehow find a place where "theatre and computer science were used together."

Then he found the ETC.

Educational History

Computer Science Rice University