Brendan Macdonald

To get a little insight into my character I suppose I should start off by the fact that I grew up wanting to be an inventor. My parents, being science fiction writers, were a great source of inspiration for this childhood dream. When I was 12 I swore that someday I would build a holo-deck along with other futuristic devices (I believe my old, incredibly badly drawn sketches are in some old composition notebook in my old house.). This is what led me to study Mechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt. The program at Vandy was much more of a general study of the design of technology and, what I thought at least, would be a straight shot into becoming and inventor. I did, however, eventually realize that I couldn't truly become an inventor like I had always imagined. Instead I discovered the ETC and decided that if I couldn't create the holo-deck I'd do the next best thing, themed entertainment.

Studying at the ETC really brought forth a more "big picture"

Educational History

Mechanical Engineering Vanderbilt University