Bard McKinley

Bard's existence was secured through a family vote. Being born a child of democracy he has pursued a range of studies and career paths but always returns to the creative sector where he feels most fulfilled and challenged. After completing his BFA in Film & Television at NYU Bard set forth on the twenty- something journey to find love, self, and a way to pay the rent. Moving to San Diego to pedal pedicabs, to San Francisco to write, to Connecticut to teach, to New York to design nightclubs, to Boston to build stonewalls , to Savannah to pursue a Master's in Animation at Savannah College of Art & Design, to New Haven to work as creative director for Flash based content, to Pittsburgh to edit a feature film, to Australia for ETC boot-camp, and finally back to Pittsburgh to complete his Masters in Entertainment Technology where he is currently developing a student pitch project Bard is looking for job positions calling for Research and Development, Technical Art, and/or Creative Direction. Bard is devoted to improving lives through interactivity and innovation, and in real life rarely speaks in the third person.

Educational History

Film & Television NYU, Tisch