Behrouz Namakshenas

Behrouz first got acquainted with programming in middle school, when he took his first steps with GW- BASIC and fell in love with its 8- color graphics mode. He was lucky enough to own an Intel 486 with a copy of QBasic so he could learn the rest on his own. Ever since, he has pursued his passion for the two things he loves the most: programming and video games.

While studying towards his Bachelor of Science degree, Behrouz worked as a software developer in various companies designing and developing numerous multimedia, desktop and web applications. Upon graduation, he decided to follow his fascination with video game engineering - which had no career opportunity in his home country - at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon university.

While a Master of Entertainment Technology candidate, Behrouz collaborated with and learned from amazing individuals who shared the same passion as his and who have all welcomed a career in entertainment technology into their future.

Educational History

Computer Science Azad University