Bob Rost

Bob is in the process of launching a new game studio and will be making entertainment games for a variety of platforms.

His past experience includes Vice President of Technology at Pittsburgh serious games developer Etcetera Edutainment, marketing and multimedia editing at GodGames, and various design and programming responsibilities at Ritual Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and XGaming.

Bob's ETC experience included Mo'Jox realtime motion capture interface design, Digiwaxx digital music distribution, ETC Branding, and X-Arcadia virtual arcade.

While a student at the ETC, Bob also designed and taught a successful university course titledGame Development for the 8-bit NES, based on the world-renowned development tools and methods he created for his undergraduate project NES game, Sack of Flour, Heart of Gold. The resources from Bob's game and class have been used by Brooklyn-based digital artist Cory Arcangel and are now being used for the low-cost educational computer initiative Playpower.

In his spare time, Bob creates web comics, writes music, climbs mountains, rides his bicycle, and designs game engines.

Educational History

BS, Computer Science, Minor in Bagpipe Performance Carnegie Mellon University, 2002