Brandon Perdue

Brandon has been interested in storytelling and video games since basically forever, so it only makes sense to try to combine the two. While at the ETC he hopes to push the boundaries of his own abilities and work with many talented people. Before he applied to the ETC, he completed undergraduate work at the University of Mary Washington to earn degrees in Computer Science and English Literature, then worked as a Java developer for a small contractor with the US Navy.

He has worked towards a career in games for years by spending his free time writing and designing his own. Tabletop RPGs have always been a favorite creative outlet where he can practice design and storytelling at once, and get feedback from players in real-time.

Brandon's aspirations include working on the next Star Trek television series and writing a bestselling novel or three. He is a regular contributor to game criticism blog and has had a featured article on Gamasutra. Also, he has a shiba inu.

Educational History

Computer Science/English University of Mary Washington