Bulut Karakaya

In his undergrad Bulut always thought that to be good at game programming he needed to know the secret rituals of the other side, the art. While pursuing his CS degree he had the opportunity to discover this mysterious world by first taking 3d classes and then advancing by being the TA of those. But although this new world was exciting he never forgot his real passion, programming. Being the first student from Turkey to be accepted to Microsoft's internship program, he had a hard decision to make. Jumping in the industry of software development or pursuing his childhood dream of creating fantasy worlds. He aimed higher and get all the education he could get on computer graphics and virtual reality as well as AI, network security and computer vision before completing his undergrad degree.

Once again he had a hard call to make, to pursue his dreams he had to leave the country he grew up in and jump into a completely new life. When he heard about ETC he knew that his fate was drawing him to this magical place. In this place he knew he could learn the most important thing he was lacking; team work.

Now in his new home 5301 miles away from the old one, he studies with 59 wonderful people on creating dreams for people. And he is trying to find his place as a programmer in game industry to create dreams for the entire world!

Educational History

Computer Science & Engineering Sabanci University