Camilla Kydland

Camilla loves adventure, traveling to far off lands, and taking lots of pictures. She is currently at the new ETC campus in Adelaide, Australia, producing a mobile game to help teenage girls learn to eat healthy. As an undergraduate, Camilla studied physics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, where she gained a variety of knowledge about the mechanics of the world around us. In Africa, she designed and implemented a program to train refugee instructors in art and yoga, part of her lifelong goal to help others. Her love for photography and her desire to impact lives brought her to the ETC. Since her arrival at the ETC, Camilla has worked as the art director for several games, including a four player music-making game and an interactive fountain personality. Her career aspirations are to become a leader in bringing educational aspects to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Educational History

BS in Psychology Carnegie Mellon University