Cheng Qi

Cheng Qi grew up in Qingdao and earned his BEng in Digital Media Technology from College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University.

He enjoys playing games and when he watched Randy Pausch's lecture on the Internet, he was fascinated by the idea of combining fun with intellectual creativity. At that moment, he decided to become an ETCer and start a career in game industry.

As a a game designer and producer, Cheng's ambition is to develop games that have positive value, allowing everyone to enjoy them, learn from them, and finally grow up with them.

Current Project: Serenity

Role: Producer


Past Projects


Educational History

BEng in Digital Media Technology in Zhejiang University

Work History

Producer of team HEXAD, Spring 2013; Game Design Intern, Tencent Shanghai, Summer 2013 & Fall 2013;