Chuck Hoover

Chuck grew up in southern New Jersey where his favorite pastime was swimming and canoeing at the lake, making up games and having adventures with his friends. As he grew older his inquisitive nature and obsession for all things technology related became apparent. After moving to Pittsburgh he also became interested in design and architecture, this led him southbound to Virginia Tech.

During Chuck's time at VT he studied many facets of design always looking for ways to incorporate his computer skill set in the development of his designs. He eventually took to teaching a class on architectural CAD and 3D modeling to get his techno fix. After graduating Cum Laude in 2004, Chuck spent the next year leading the construction team and the integration of new technology for Virginia Techs 2005 Solar Decathlon House.

Ultimately, although thrilled with his design degree, he felt a calling for something more, something closer to his passion for interactive gaming, and techno wizardry that he felt was missing from his education. Eventually Chuck found that calling. He is absolutely thrilled to be taking part in a program with so many talented people, and is looking forward to where it may take him.

Educational History

Architecture/ID Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University