Momo Jiao (Chenxin)

Chenxin (Momo) Jiao was born in Xi'an,China.She earned her bachelor's degree in electronical engineering in Xidian University.While her true love is animation and she wants to become a great animaor.With the passion for art and animation,she learned modeling,texturing and animation by herself.She spent all her spare time making animations when she was in college.She also has a widely interests for film,animation,photography and acting.

Momo joined ETC in August,2012.In order to combine her computer technique and art creativity,she becomes a 3D modeler and animator in ETC.

Current Project: Kotodama Fruit Juice (Stories that Listen)

Role: Modeler/Animator

Educational History

Intelligent Science and Technology Xidian University

Work History

Stardust 3D Artist/Animator Spring 2013   Kotodama Fruit Juice Artist/Animator Fall 2013