Chang Liu

Chang Liu is a programmer specializing in games and AR/VR. Right now he is a first-year graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). He earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), majoring in Digital Media Technology. From this tech-focused university, he gained solid skills in math and programming. Also, he has learned many digital media tools and used them to create in a variety of forms. His work includes 2D and 3D design, websites, digital films, interactive art, Android apps, and video games.

Chang Liu likes creating things, that’s why he joined ETC, to use technology to create experiences that people can enjoy. His greatest pleasure is to see people gaining excitement and joy from what he built. His work at ETC used platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus, Meta II, Leap Motion and Jam-O-Drum. He likes exploring these new platforms and seeing how they can be used for people to play.

Current Project: Liftoff

Role: Producer


Past Projects

  • Face 2 Face

  • Houdini

Educational History

Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Media Technology from Harbin Institute of Technology