Cort Stratton

Cort was born and raised in Boston, MA. He wandered into the ETC one day, unwashed and unshaven, and smelling vaguely of cabbage-water. A hand-lettered placard hung about his neck, reading "will implement hardware-accelerated 3D graphics engines for food" (though the word "food" had been crossed off, and "Kerberos tickets" scrawled in its place with what appeared to be hoisin sauce). After several fruitless attempts to dislodge him, he was permitted to stay. Cort's middle name really is "Danger". He enjoys breathing new life into old and decrepit computer systems, rolling naked in snowbanks, playing assorted sounds and noises in sequences in which they've never before been played, exploiting parellelism, listening to disco music at tempos other than the one at which it was recorded, and Fluffernutters. Upon initial inspection, Cort appears to have no eyebrows. But don't be fooled!

Educational History

BS, Computer Science, 2001 Carnegie Mellon University