Craig Wells

Craig received his BFA in Fine Art Studies with an emphasis in Computer Animation from the University of Arizona in 2004. Moving to Los Angeles, Craig worked as an office manager for an architect and then for a small production studio. Working for these small companies allowed him to explore a variety of different disciplines including Architecture, Film, Video Games, Theatre, and Interactive Presentations. The variety of experience Craig received in these distinct fields provides a very broad and rich background which allows him to approach problems in a unique and thoughtful way.

In 2008 Craig decided to pursue his graduate studies and was accepted to the ETC at Carnegie Mellon University. Craig hopes to use his time at the ETC to weld together the disparate parts of his background and allow him to pursue his artistic and professional endeavors. His passion for both video games and story provides him the drive to explore and understand how video games can create significant and lasting experiences. Craig's goal is to help create video games that are not only commercially successful, but artistically vibrant and meaningful.

Educational History

B.F.A. Fine Arts Studies University of Arizona