Wing-Yi Chow

My name is Wing Yi Chow,I was born in Hong Kong and went to study in Singapore for my "O" level and Diploma. I love playing online games, recent games I am playing are Maple Story, Granado Espanda, Tales of Waver, Auditions, 5Street and Moppet. I am looking forward to RO2 opening in SEA server. In my secondary school years, I learn drawing skills from my Aunt who is a professional artist, and joined different kinds of Art competitions (comics and fan arts kind of art). I learn programming and 3D modeling dunring Diploma of Digital Entertainment at Nanyang Polytechnic. I study music too. I have been playing piano and violin since very young, and I joined Chinese Orchestra for 10years, and currently I am learning music composing.

Educational History

Diaploma of Entertainment Technology Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic