Craig Yoho

Craig grew up believing he was crazy. He wanted to be an artist, but he also wanted to be a programmer. He didn't know he could be both. So for most of his life he felt sorely out of place no matter what he was doing. Craig was offered a scholarship to study computer animation, but instead he chose to pursue computer science at the University of California, Irvine. When he wasn't working on his computer science homework Craig would bring impossible things to life through 3D modeling and animation. His math notebook was filled in equal parts with equations and concept sketches. Craig still believes that prime numbers are magic, and the golden ratio was (at least partially) made out of real gold at one time.

In his fourth year at UCI, Craig joined the EcoRaft group, led by Dr. Bill Tomlinson, as an undergraduate researcher where he served as the team's Technical Art Lead on multiple projects over a two year period. Craig learned many important things while working with the group. One of the more important things he learned was how to work on a creative software project with students from many different backgrounds and areas of study. He also learned that there is a place for the artist programmer, and it is a good place. In 2009, Craig joined the Entertainment Technology Center to further explore his potential as a technical artist.

Craig doesn't think he's crazy anymore, despite his inclination to write biographical information in the third person.

Educational History

B.S. Info and Computer Science University of California, Irvine