Daigo Sato

Daigo Sato was born in Germany and grew up in Japan. He grew up with Japanese games and played a lot of Japanese RPGs. Chrono Trigger, Mother2, Xenogears, Romansing Saga, Final Fantasy...

He started his game development when he was 14 years old. His first game made by RPG Maker was awarded by an internet contest and an article was written in a Japanese newspaper. He started to believe what he wants to do is game development and started to learn programming when he was in high school.

He is an indy game developer, who can develop whole games by himself. His interest lies in Flash and mobile phone game development. Especially he is interested in games which involve social aspects and user generated content.

At the ETC he learned how to work in a team and how to develop 3D games. He did two location based projects which helped him to expand his interest and knowledge in the entertainment field.

He gained a lot of experience at the ETC, he is eager to finish his master program by gaining experience in the real industry by doing a co-op.

Educational History

Computer Science Waseda University, Japan