Daren Makuck

Daren grew up in the suburbs of southern Connecticut with a passion for anything computer or video game related. He started working with computers during high school, from building them out of component parts to computer programming. He created a small Flash game for a Capstone project course during his senior year, and ever since then his passion for creating video games has grown steadily.

Due to his love for technology, Daren attended Carnegie Mellon University and obtained a double major in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He took courses in many different aspects of computer science. In his freshman and sophomore years, he studied various data structures and algorithms. It wasn't until his last few years that he was able to combine his love of computers and video games when he took courses in computer graphics and game programming. In these courses he created video games in both hardware and software. He is now pursuing a Masters in Entertainment Technology to follow his passion for creating video games.

Educational History

Electrical & Computer Engineering / Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University