Daniel Driscoll

The life of Dan Driscoll has been a narrative adventure born out of the dream of becoming a space-exploring astronaut. After achieving much through most of his earlier years with this goal in mind, his application to the Air Force Academy was de-railed at the diagnosis of poor depth perception during his acceptance screening. Not deterred however, Dan spent the next 4 years at West Point Military Academy learning the foundations of leadership and computer science. Already having a great love for all things digital, electronic, and simulation, Dan easily applied his computer science education in creative ways to the following 5 years of military service as a tank platoon leader and battle captain. During the last few months of his second Iraq tour in 2008, Dan recognized an opportunity lay in the ETC to reach for the stars in other ways. After a frantic rush to complete a demo game for his application portfolio, Dan was accepted and joined as a new member of the class of 2011, and he couldn't be more excited about his future in discovering and exploring new digital worlds.

Educational History

B.S. Computer Science United States Military Academy