Deepak Murali Chandrasekaran

Deepak Murali has been playing games and watching cartoons from the age of seven. Fascinated by games he continued to play games throughout his early days for more than seventy hours a week. But after a certain age just playing games wasn't enough. A Thirst for what happens in the development of games and cartoons sprung up which led him to read many articles about games and cartoons and the ways they are created which inspired him to take a career in development of such entertainment. After getting his Bachelor's in Information Technology from CEG Chennai one of the finest institutions in India he decided he wanted to be part of the entertainment industry.

Having gained the basic programming skills he started researching about Professional Masters which will provide him insight in development of games from the Internet.Eventually leading to the knowledge about The Entertainment Technology Center at CMU which provides a Interdisciplinary Study of both Arts and Engineering through which the program gives a complete picture in the creation of games and cartoons he has decided that he should make the best of it.

Educational History

Information Technology College of Engineering Chennai