Demetrius Jordan

Demetrius decided to leave the cold winters of Cleveland, OH to go to the cold winters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to study Entertainment Technology. At an early age, he was always interested in drawing. Later on, he gained an interest in computers and decided to study computer science. During his undergraduate career, Demetrius studied computer science and kept drawing as one of his hobbies throughout school. During his junior year, he decided to add a minor of Visual Communication Design. He was active in both Computer Science and Art for the rest of his undergraduate career. He participated in a couple computer research projects involving Genetic Algorithms and Grammatical Evolution and he entered logo design contest. When considering what he wanted to do for the future, Demetrius decided that it would have to be something creative and entertaining. He thought one way of achieving creativity was by combining two separate disciplines. He had been studying Computer Science and Visual Communication Design and wanted to find a way in which he could unite them. He stumbled on the rare graduate program at Carnegie Mellon, which offers a Masters of Entertainment Technology. With the help of the Entertainment Technology Center, Demetrius hopes to achieve his goals of finding a career in which he can unite the two disciplines of art and computers. He eagerly awaits new challenges. One of his first challenges will be to stay a Cleveland Browns fan in the city of Pittsburgh. When people asked how he could overcome this challenge Demetrius replied, "That's easy, it's like making a choice between Prime Rib from a fancy restaurant and mystery meat from a school cafeteria. Yeah I said it!"

Educational History

B.S. in Computer Science, Minor in Visual Communication Design, 2004 University of Dayton