Dev Ghai

Computers were always fascinating for Dev, and so pursuing Computer Science and Engineering was an obvious choice. Gradually, he discovered his creative bent of mind at college when he was excited to make soundtrack for a stage show, design college t-shirts, make random videos, indulge in photography etc. Pondering over two passions, the right balance looked be in entertainment technology.

When the time came to further his interests after gaining 2.5 years industry experience, ETC seemed to be the only logical choice.

In a bid to explore Themed Entertainment's land of enchantment, he is at Microsoft Redmond making friends with avatars for his Spring 2011 project. He loves his team there! Now he is exploring XNA and continues with his passion for programming. Given a chance, he would be glad to work as a bridge between the technical and the art sides of a project.

Amazingly, Adobe reader on Mac does not like certain type of fonts and displays gray bands in their place. Therefore, you may see some unsightly grays in the attached resume while viewing it on a Mac. But on Windows and Linux, they look so beautiful! If you are interested in knowing more about Dev (or the developer in him), feel free to inundate him with mails by clicking on his name on left of this paragraph!

Educational History

Computer Science and Engineering Punjab Technical University