Daniel Cohen

I was born on Long Island, NY. My entire life music has been a part of it. In high school band was the first time someone believed in me that I could achieve success in something and so I did. After that I received an Undergraduate degree in Music Education from SUNY Fredonia in Fredonia NY.

Even though I have a education bachelor's degree, it is only something I think of as a temporary enjoyment. The real aspect about music I thoroughly enjoy is the ability to create something new sounding, and the ability to call it my own. Since that time in high school band I have always loved writing music but I had never taken it seriously. It wasn't until my third year in my undergrad that I realized what I wanted to do.

I wanted to write music to film, video games, and all types of multimedia. The music was so significant, so impactful. I noticed myself thinking about the music foremost after playing a video game. The music and sound was diverse, and thematic. It sound simple yet, it is so complex. All of this captured my attention and forced me to believe myself when I said that composing music is what I want to do.

After graduating from SUNY Fredonia, I am now a current graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center studying a focus in Entertainment technology. I am now discovering that I also enjoy story writing, how similar to writing music it is. Entagling it's audience in an atmosphere that facilitates the imagination to crave more because of how mystical and wonderful it is. The ability to create something from nothing is what really interests me. My ability to imagine and create is what I aspire to strive for. It started with music, and who know's where it will go from there. Only time will tell.

Current Project: Immersion Semester

Role: Sound Designer


Past Projects

  • Music Everywhere