Drew Harmon Pollock

From the age of two, Harmon has loved building things. At that young age Legos, cardboard and snow were often the most prominent materials used to express his creativity. This passion to build carried on through high school where Harmon became involved with FIRST Robotics, which initiated an interest and fascination with everything robot. Throughout high school and his undergraduate years, Harmon spent a great deal of extra-curricular time working on the DARPA Grand Challenge and RoboCup Rescue team competition.

Now at the Entertainment Technology Center, Harmon hopes to enhance his experience in engineering and academic studies with original projects within the entertainment industry. Constantly experimenting with new technology to find imaginative applications has been Harmon's way of balancing his technical and creative sides. His desire is to find ways to incorporate cutting edge robotics, vision, and navigation technology into new and exciting creations.

Beyond work and school, Harmon enjoys the outdoors. Growing up in Alaska he's become an avid hiker, backpacker and mountain biker.

Educational History

Mechanical Engr. California Institute of Technology