Dyala Kattan-Wright

As a young girl, Dyala never encountered a moment's boredom. With a vivid imagination, she was constantly creating worlds in which she and her friends could play - whether on the playground, building with legos, or acting out stories. Dyala's love of storytelling naturally expanded from books to playground games to ever more interactive video games.

As an undergraduate at UC San Diego Dyala pursued a degree in literature. While she was deeply engaged in her studies, she felt that she wanted to explore a more highly interactive medium for storytelling. Her interests naturally led her to writing for video games.

During her final year at college, Dyala interned at Sony Online Entertainment, doing game design. She immediately knew that she wanted to pursue game design and writing as a career. At the ETC, Dyala hopes to expand on her existing skills and learn new skills while working with her extremely talented classmates to create compelling and immersive experiences.

Educational History

Literature UC San Diego