Edmundo Ruiz

I'm not the typical programmer. I see the computer and code as analogous to an artist's canvas and paintbrush, or to a writer's paper and pencil. I like to shape what I program into something that is entertaining, subjective, and maybe provocative to any audience.

The ETC was a good place to polish my passion. It combined both my interest in the visual arts and my background in computer science to develop wonderful interactive experiences. While I was there, I was part of CasualCore and Bandology, two student-proposed game design projects focused on developing new multiplayer experiences. I was also an intern at the Walt Disney VR Studio, where I made a small contribution to Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and I was an intern at Schell Games where I prototyped one of the games for the Disney theme park ride Toy Story Midway Mania.

I was born and raised in Venezuela, and when I was younger I played a computer game called The Secret of Monkey Island that inspired me to make interactive entertainment for a living. I can't believe that I would overcome so many brick walls and finally be able to live one of my childhood dreams. And the ETC was just the beginning.

Educational History

Computer Science, Art Minor University of Arkansas