Eunkyeol - Sophie Kim

Currently a graduate student at ETC. I'm highly interested in extending human experience boundaries by combining different perspectives from interaction design and computer science. As a designer, I’m passionate about creating highly aesthetic, user-centered design solutions that exhibit exceptional clarity and simplicity. I believe form absolutely follows function and design — regardless of medium — is something to experience and increases the value of anything it touches.

My background is a unique mix of Computer Science, Interaction Design and Visual Communication. As a result, I’m able to see problems from different perspectives in order to holistically understand a product/service and all its complexities. From that point, it’s all about iterating and prototyping design options until the proper solution emerges.

Feel free to get in touch. I'm always eager to meet new people.

Role: UI/UX Designer & Programmer

Internship: HP inc. Innovation & Experiences Team

UX/UI Design

Past Projects

  • Alice’s Adventure