Evelyn Chan

Evelyn is a New York City native who has a great passion for designing games. It first developed when she played Sonic 2 on the Game Gear back when she was in middle school. She also immersed herself in games on other platforms, such as Sega Genesis, SNES, and Game Boy. But it wasn't until high school that her true feelings towards video gaming blossomed, when she was given a Playstation as a birthday present along with a few games, one of them being FF7. That game pretty much made her a RPG lover.

In college, she busily pursued a major in business and a minor in computer science for 8 months during the school year at Carnegie Mellon. What did she do during her time away from school? She was busy trying to defeat the ultimate bosses and level up her characters in the Final Fantasy series. Eventually, she decided to branch out to other genres. Meanwhile, when she wasn't busy gaming, she was busy working full time. Her three years before coming to the ETC consisted of working as an IT consultant in the greater Washington DC area for over a year, along with working at Showtime as a software developer back in her hometown of New York City for the next two years. She hopes to utilize the skills she's accumulated over the years along with the knowledge she's acquiring as a student at ETC to help fulfill her dream of being a game designer.

Educational History

B.S. in Business Administration (Minor in Computer Science) Carnegie Mellon University