Eugene Kang

Eugene is a sound designer, composer, and writer hailing from Princeton Junction, NJ.

Since his kindergarten days, music and video games have been the most influential aspects of his life. While most of his friends grew up with sports as their main vein of competition, Eugene got his thrills competing in local Street Fighter II/III get-togethers. While most siblings bickered and fought with one another, Eugene and his brother Eric found peace playing their favorite video game tunes on the piano. And while his peers in college sang covers of their favorite pop ballads, Eugene played bass in a video game music cover band.

During his undergrad years, Eugene spent some time juggling different disciplines. Starting out as an English and Music double major, Eugene then switched between creative and technical writing, information systems, and music technology. In the end, Eugene realized that his true passion had been following him for his entire life: sound and music in games.

Coming to this realization in his junior year of college, Eugene picked a minor in music technology and began immersing himself in several video game, animation, and music based projects. Since then, Eugene never stopped looking for more opportunities to combine the two loves of his life, as he continues his studies in sound and music for games at the Entertainment Technology Center.

Educational History

English and Music Technology Carnegie Mellon