Franz Mendonsa

Born and brought up in the Middle East, as a youngster I had to learn ways of keeping myself busy by developing hobbies. Art for one, kept me busy and happy. Very soon this pastime transformed into an obsession. Ever since, I have experimented with a variety of forms like graphic art, hand sketching, etc. Until 3d animation caught my interest. Bringing characters and objects to life has captured my fascination to no end.

Armed with a bachelors degree in Electrical engineering from Bangalore, India, I am a completely self-taught graphic artist. I love discovering the impossibilities of any problem by arriving at it myself. In other words, mistakes are what has helped me improve. And improvement brings about growth. With unparalleled facilities and expertise at every step, ETC serves as a great platform to enhance my abilities. Go right ahead and look through some of my work.

Educational History

B.E. Electrical and Electronics B.M.S. College of Engineering