Francisco Souki

Francisco was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1986. He grew up in the most perfect family environment he could have ever imagined and developed both scientific and artistic interests.

As a means to overcome the lack of the "double-major" concept in Venezuela, he decided to study Telecommunications Engineering while keeping in contact with his artistic side. In the course of his years as an Engineering student he performed as an actor several times, did work as a sports journalist and stage manager and took writing and photography workshops.

As his undergrad approached its end, though, he started wondering which way to follow; which side of his brain he would obey. After applying to MBA, Networking and IT Graduate programs, a trip to the ETC finally made him realize there was a place where he could actually be who he wanted to be.

22 years after his birth, Francisco finally called a city other than Caracas his home. He moved to Pittsburgh in the hope that Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center would act as a bridge to make the technology and art sides of him meet in a creative explosion.

Every night, as he logs off from his computer at the ETC, he realizes he is doing the things he always dreamed of doing. Then, he smiles.

The bridge is being built; the explosion is brewing.

Educational History

Telecommunications Engineering Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Caracas.