Gaurav Shrivastava

Gaurav comes from India, the Land of Mythological Tales and Oriental Culture.

After his under-grad in Comp. Science, Gaurav was working for a software firm, until we rescued him from the dungeons of Boring Applications and Oracle Databases. Recuperating at ETC, his Heart and Soul now Rock in tandem.

The Blend of Art and Technology, he believes, not only has beautiful manners of expression, but also has the potential to mesmerize, every single time it is articulated. It is this Fusion, which he intends to celebrate with his Fellow ETCers. And it is This Amalgamation that he seeks to impregnate with a purpose.

His vision is to elate the human experience with the help of technology, to an extent where it is not possible to perceive the difference between reality and technology itself.

Educational History

Bachelor of Engineering L. D. College Of Engineering, Ahmedabad, India