Garrett Kimball

Garrett has been gaming and working with computers since he was a young child. This passion for games led to a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from Grove City College. His game development experiences there led to a desire to continue in the industry, which brought him to the ETC in Spring 2012.

Garrett enjoys working with people and bringing teams together, which translated to being the Producer for his ETC projects. At the ETC Garrett has helped teams develop nature trail Augmented Reality experiences, sound categorization research tools, and game prototypes for Sony.

Garrett believes that video games are a medium of art that offers incredible opportunity for creating meaning and personal introspection, and thinks that games have can make the world a better place.

Role: Producer

Educational History

B.S. Computer Information Systems Grove City College

Work History

Seecquel Programming Fall 2012   Neuraltone Producer Spring 2013   Sony Innovative Fall 2013   PlayStation Ignite Producer Fall 2013