Govind Nair

Being the son of an officer in the India Army, I have had the amazing opportunity of living at various places and attending more than 9 schools. The fact that I had to move every 2 years or so meant that I have inadvertently become good at adapting to changes that have come my way. Computer games, Prince of Persia to be precise, was my first glimpse into this wonderful world and I was hooked instantly. Since then, amidst all the unpredictability, my love for games has remained and will always be a constant.

The realization that I wanted to not only play games but create them, came during the final two years of my undergraduate course. The first game I created, a simple MS-DOS game, was for my Computer Graphics class. This proved to be the catalyst for me to make a full fledged 3-D game using OGRE(Object oriented Graphics Rendering Engine). Besides game design the experience of creating these 2 games also piqued my interest in programming. It was then I knew that this field would effectively combine my love for logic and creativity.

Educational History

Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology