Giray Ozil

When the other kids were wondering aloud what they wanted to be, I already had the conceit that I knew what I was going to be: A rock star with mullet hair and jeans (Hey, I was a kid in the 80's!). Well, my showbiz career did not last much beyond my age of 11. As a bizarrely irrelevant coincidence, that's exactly how old I was when I played Wolfenstein 3D for the first time. Fast forward about 12 years, and now I'm here at the ETC, hoping to be in a path that will let me build a game to influence a couple of kids' career plans.

I adore the miracle of 0's and 1's turning into High Dynamic Range images, that's why I became a computer scientist in the first place. And I always will remain one unless mullet becomes a trend again, which is highly unlikely. Anyhow I will be doing one of my "top 5 dream jobs", and that is good.

Educational History

BS Computer Science Sabanci University, Turkey