Greg Eng

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Greg has been interested in gaming for practically his entire life. At the suggestion of his optometrist to help correct weak eye muscles, his parents got him his first console, an NES. After teaching himself to read just so that he could play the game Dragon Warrior Greg continued his interest in gaming throughout middle school and high school. Though he was still a gamer at heart, Greg pursued an education in Chemical Engineering. He graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering with minors in Jewish studies and Mathematics in 2005. Following his graduation Greg took some time off and studied religion in Jerusalem, Israel. After also spending some time studying engineering at Technion University, Greg returned home and worked with the program second life, teaching himself basic programming and 3D modeling. It was his work with this immersive 3D virtual platform that rekindled his passion for the entertainment technology field, and after reading ̢

Educational History

B. Chemical Engineering University of Delaware