Guoliang (Ted) Zhu

Born in China, Guoliang Zhu (Ted) graduated from Peking University with a solid knowledge in computer science, and continued to pursue his dream in interactive entertainment and gaming.

Ted joined CMU ETC in Fall 2012. He had a great immersion semester, had success in the Osiris project which helped host the first picoCTF hacking competition, and learned a lot during the CoOp at Google. This semester, he’s willing to continue effort to create a high quality game with the teammates of Team Serenity.

Current Project: Serenity

Role: Programmer/Game Designer

Internship: Google Software Engineer Intern


Past Projects

  • Osiris

Educational History

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Peking University

Work History

Osiris Game Design/Programmer Spring 2013   Cooperative Education Programmer/Game Design Fall 2013   Google Software Engineer Intern Fall 2013