Hye Mi Do

Hye mi graduated shungshin women's university in Korea. Her major was Media information. With a belief that sensitivity infused with sense results in actually moving someone's feelings, she studied overall web planning systematically and professionally. During her undergraduate years, she granted many opportunities to participate in diverse inter-disciplinary team projects as contents designer and 2D designer. By collaborating as a team, not only she learned how to create and maximize the synergy effect, she also understood the position of programmer and artist as contents designer and found how to create the contents with more realistic and detailed method.

After entering ETC she broaden her interest from web to location based entertainment. She found out that she wants to create experience which moving someone's heart. In order to move people genuinely, she will always pursue new things but simultaneously put herself in a user's shoes and take only a half step forward in order to avoid excess. In the future time, she is looking for a chance to work in the theme entertainment industry as an Experience Designer.

Educational History

Media and Information Sungshin Women