Hee Jun Kim

Jun was a sensitive writer from an early age, and initially dreamed of being a literary man. As a high school student, with friends, he established an animation club for watching Japanese anime. This became a turning point in his life. He was totally entranced by animation's infinitely free and unique expression, realized by cell painting and computer graphics. Thus he changed his course from becoming a traditional writer to becoming a professional writer working for cultural media, including animation.

Jun chose Japanese as his college major in preparation of becoming a specialist in the entertainment Industry. By learning Japanese, he wanted not only to learn the language, but also to have a wide range of general knowledge through various classes focused on culture. He believes that efforts to understand the diverse cultures of the world is a strong foundation for storytelling which can be built up in the future. In addition, he thinks that all media need a basic context to make stories, regardless of their form.

Jun came to the ETC to transfer his story telling from paper to virtual worlds. Fluent in Korean, Japanese and English, Jun is not just about language, but has a love of communication, and tries to understand the real meaning of people's thinking by grasping their cultural background.

Educational History

BA in Japanese language, Minor Cultural Contents Hankuk University of Foreign Studies